Snowjoggers: All you need this winter

Snowjoggers are all the rage this season. Everyone’s got a pair of snowjoggers and if you want to get with it, grab yourself a pair too! They craze started in Hollywood and has now reached the UK. Geri Halliwell, Katie Price, Sienna Miller, Liv Tyler and Victoria Beckham all have a pair! The sporty wet look Snowjoggers come in a range of colors and have a very cool futuristic look (which is ‘in’ this season). I am absolutely in love with these snowjoggers. 

Snow Joggers Sporty Wet Look Charcoal

I Love these grey sporty wet look Snowjoggers. These boots are seriously cool and are the perfect accessory for your snow gear this winter. The grey goes with everything so a definite safe bet.

grey snowjoggers Snowjoggers

Snow Joggers Sporty Wet Look Blue

These blue sport wet look snowjoggers are really cool. They have an 80s feel to them and would look mega cool with a tracksuit. I so want a pair!!!

blue snowjoggers Snowjoggers

Patent Black Snow Joggers

These patent black snowjoggers are nice and safe. The color will go with anything. however, I prefer the more adventurous styles.

black patent snowjoggers Snowjoggers

Snowjoggers Alpine Joggers Black

I love these knitted snow joggers. The reindeer are so cute and remind me of that embarrassing reindeer jumper that ones grandma tends to knit one for Christmas, and then one is forced to wear it (a bit like Darcey in Bridget Jones’s diary) These are cute though. I mean, embarrassing is cute!!

alpine snowjoggers Snowjoggers

PinExt Snowjoggers

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