Scarpe con Tacco

Scarpe con Tacos: my favourites

I am going to write a general post about Scarpe con Tacos. In Spanish, taco means heels, Scarpe, Im not soo sure about, but I’d imagine it means shoes. I am going to cover some of my absolutely favourite Scarpe con tacos in this post. There are so many beautiful Scarpe con tacos that its hard to start, but I will start with my most favourite and work my way down.

Chiara Ferragni scarpe con taco £259

What I most love about these Ciara Ferragni scarpe con taco shoes is the (heel). I love the color graduation and blend of the brown with the white and the slightly yellow shade of brown in the middle. It is hot! Buy these Chiara Ferragni scarpe con tacos through Luisa Via Roma £259

Chiara Ferragni scarpe con taco1 Scarpe con Tacco

Christian Louboutin Beige Scarpe con Taco £434

My next favourite pumps are these beautiful beige Christian Louboutin scarpe con tacos. The beige is an amazingly flattering color for the legs. Makes them look long and beautiful. Buy through Luisa Via Roma £434

Christian Louboutin scarpe con taco Scarpe con Tacco

Giuseppe Zanotti Mirrored Scarpe con tacos £339

These stunning gold mirrored Giuseppe Zanotti scarpe con tacos are hot. I think they make incredibly sophisticated and glamorous summer shoes. Gold always looks amazing against a tan, and these Giuseppe Zanotti mirrored pumps are the hottest gold scarpe con tacos out there! Buy through Luisa Via Roma £339

Giuseppe Zanotti Scarpe con tacos Scarpe con Tacco

Pink Giuseppe Zanotti Patent scarpe con tacos £339

These soft pink Giuseppe Zanotti pumps are elegant, classy, pretty and feminine. These beauties would make great shoes if you’re attending a wedding. Soft and romantic, you cant go wrong! Buy through Luisa Via Roma £339

Pink Giuseppe Zanotti Patent Pumps Scarpe con Tacco

Valentino patent ankle strap scarpe con tacos £456

These hot sexy Valentino patent ankle scarpe con tacos shoes have a light heel and have a really cool factor, which is the black lace up at the back of the shoe. Buy through Luisa Via Roma £456

Valentino patent ankle straps Scarpe con Tacco

PinExt Scarpe con Tacco

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