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Chloe Ankle Strap Wedges

Chloe Ankle Strap shoes Chloe Ankle Strap WedgesChloe Leather Ankle Strap Wedges £441

These cool Chloe Leather Ankle Strap Wedges are very Chloe. Im not sure what it is exactly that makes the Chloe Leather Ankle Strap Wedges so indistinguishable as Chloe. Pergaps it’s the immaculately soft leather, or the peel toe. Im not sure, but one thing is for sure, Chloe is synonymous with style, class and beauty. And these Chloe Leather Ankle Strap Wedges really embody just that. The silver studs attaching the leather ti the wood are sexy and beautiful, and the leather straps wrap around the ankle. The wooden wedge is a light wood and is quite unique as it looks like there is no polish. The wood looks quite raw. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

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