Charles Philip Printed Canvas Loafers

Charles Philip Printed Canvas Loafers Charles Philip Printed Canvas LoafersCharles Philip Printed Canvas Loafers £97

These Charles Philip Printed Canvas Loafers are a bit like grandpa slippers, but that’s what I love about them! The Printed canvas loafers are easy to slip on and off, are super comfortable, and look incredibly cool. You can wear these loafers by Charles Philip with a dress, trousers or anything really. The Printed Canvas Loafers by Charles Philip are cool, casual, and unique. I love the blue and whites stripes on the interior of these Charles Philip loafers. The exterior of the loafers by Charles Philip are interesting enough for you to pair them with a simple even plain outfit. Buy through Luisa Via Roma £97

Ionnis Crochet Ankle Strap Flats

Crochet Ankle Strap Flats by Ionnis Ionnis Crochet Ankle Strap FlatsCrochet Ankle Strap Flats by Ionnis £84


These Crochet Ankle Strap Flats by Ionnis are bold, beautiful and earthy. I am especially fond of the beige pair. The beautiful beige crochet wraps around the foot nicely, offering full support for your feet. The zip at the back makes them easy to take on and off. These Ionnis Crochet Ankle Strap Flats are ideal for the upcoming spring/summer months. Unusual, and beautiful you really cant go wrong with these babies! Buy through Luisa Via Roma £84


Ioannis Silk satin beaded suede thong flats

Ioannis Silk satin beaded suede thong flats2 Ioannis Silk satin beaded suede thong flatsSilk satin beaded suede thong flats by Ioannis £84

These Ioannis Silk satin beaded suede thong flats are incredibly gorgeous. They remind me of something an Indian princess would wear. They just have that exquisite Indian vibe to them. Featuring beaded silk satin self tie straps, these Ioannis Silk satin beaded suede thong flats have the warrior princess vibe going on. These Silk satin beaded suede thong flats by Ioannis would look amazing with gold bangles and perhaps a hot pink dress. Buy through Luisa Via Roma £84

Romantic Soles Stuart

Romantic Soles Stuart Romantic Soles StuartRomantic Soles Stuart $69

I am crazy in love with these Romantic Soles Stuart. They are beautiful, trendy, hip, and kind of romantic. At least in the sense that they’d be perfect for a romantic date! The Romantic Soles Stuart are super sexy, stunning, and eye catching. The man made upper is covered with tonal sequins. The cork platform gives them that extra edge, and the lightly padded footbed makes them not only drop dead gorgeous, but very comfortable. I love the name Romantic Soles. As in romantic souls. But they mean soles as in soles on the shoes. Clever hey? And I guess the name of these particular Romantic Soles is Stuart. Not sure why, they look like girls to me! Either way, they will make you look drop dead gorgeous. The cork wede platform make these Romantic Soles incredibly seductive. The Romantic Soles Stuart are also available in a numer of colors, including rose sequin, teal, black, blue, bronze, and purple. Buy through Zappos $69

Nine West Kerrielyn

Nine West Kerrielyn Nine West KerrielynNine West Kerrielyn Platforms

These adorable Kerrielyn platforms from Nine West are ultra cute. They would look hot with a pair of skinny jeans coupled with a white shirt. The Nine West Kerrielyn platforms feature a black leather upper, with beautiful silver stud details on either side, and a peep toe to show the world your pedicure! The Nine West Kerrielyn platforms are not only incredibly stylish, but also ultra comfy. They feature a contouring to fit your foot comfortably. They even have cushioning for comfort. The 3 inch heel gives you added hight, so you can look hot and sophisticated whilst still maintaining your comfort! Buy through Zappos $68

Converse Blondie Hi

converse blondie hi Converse Blondie HiConverse Blondie Hi Tops

Converse is the It shoe at the moment, thanks to Kristen Stewart, who has put converse on the map! Kristen is mega cool, and she loves converse shoes, we also love converse shoes and we love Kristen, we also love Blondie, so these Converse Blondie Hi Tops are the next pair of shoes on our to buy list. The gorgeous Blondie figure is printed on the side of the shoe against a zebra background, and looks amazingly clear and the large fluorescent pink writing with the word Blondie on the side and fluorescent pink shoe laces are great color contrasts for the black and white converse hi top. This otherwise traditional converse hi has been transformed into a mega cool and fun shoe. Buy through Kurt Geiger

Converse Hi Tops

Converse Hi Tops

Converse shoes are what one could call a ‘shoe classic’. Converse shoes never go out of style, and will always look cool. They are the perfect casual shoe and are great for going casual as they are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. Kristen Stewart is Converses greatest advocator. Kristen has been seen sporting converses in all colors and styles. Converses are like Kristen’s staple shoe. Converse shoes are so linked to Kristen’s style, they she even wears them in photo shoots! And to Hollywood events like the MTV Movie Awards! I love the fact that Kristen stays true to her style. Plus, she looks great in her converses, I guess she knows what she looks good in! By the way, don’t Kristen and Rob make the perfect couple?! Buy through Kurt Geiger

Kristen’s All Star Hi Vintage

Get the Converse All Star Hi shoes that Kristen in wearing in the above photos through Kurt Geiger

converse hi Converse Hi Tops

Rob’s Converse Speciality Ox

Get Robert Pattinson’s green Conver specialty ox shoes through Zappos

Converse Speciality Ox Converse Hi Tops

black hi converse shoes Converse Hi Tops

black hi converses Converse Hi Tops

Kristen’s Converse Seasonal Ox

Get Kristen Stewart’s Converse Seasonal Ox shoes through Kurt Geiger

Converse Seasonal Ox Converse Hi Tops

converse all star Converse Hi Tops

converse all stars Converse Hi Tops


Snowjoggers: All you need this winter

Snowjoggers are all the rage this season. Everyone’s got a pair of snowjoggers and if you want to get with it, grab yourself a pair too! They craze started in Hollywood and has now reached the UK. Geri Halliwell, Katie Price, Sienna Miller, Liv Tyler and Victoria Beckham all have a pair! The sporty wet look Snowjoggers come in a range of colors and have a very cool futuristic look (which is ‘in’ this season). I am absolutely in love with these snowjoggers. 

Snow Joggers Sporty Wet Look Charcoal

I Love these grey sporty wet look Snowjoggers. These boots are seriously cool and are the perfect accessory for your snow gear this winter. The grey goes with everything so a definite safe bet.

grey snowjoggers Snowjoggers

Snow Joggers Sporty Wet Look Blue

These blue sport wet look snowjoggers are really cool. They have an 80s feel to them and would look mega cool with a tracksuit. I so want a pair!!!

blue snowjoggers Snowjoggers

Patent Black Snow Joggers

These patent black snowjoggers are nice and safe. The color will go with anything. however, I prefer the more adventurous styles.

black patent snowjoggers Snowjoggers

Snowjoggers Alpine Joggers Black

I love these knitted snow joggers. The reindeer are so cute and remind me of that embarrassing reindeer jumper that ones grandma tends to knit one for Christmas, and then one is forced to wear it (a bit like Darcey in Bridget Jones’s diary) These are cute though. I mean, embarrassing is cute!!

alpine snowjoggers Snowjoggers

Converse Light Wedge Boot Hi

converse light wedge boot hi1 Converse Light Wedge Boot Hi

Converse Light Wedge Boot Hi

Have you noticed how Converse never seems to go out of fashion? People will always love to wear converse shoes because they are comfortable, cool looking and look great with any outfit. Chucks just never go out of style! Kristen Stewart is a die hard converse fan and was seen rocking her black converses (converse hi top sneakers to be exact) with her ‘spider monkey’ outfit at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. These stunning Converse light wedge hi boots are simply stunning. The boots have all the charm and coolness of the classic converse shoe, but these add sexiness, class and elegance to the equation. Converse shoes have always reminded me of that cool college look, and these are no exception. The difference is that that these converse hi boots have a wedge which gives them sex appeal, and femininity. These boots would look perfect with jeans and a sweater. -The casual college look with sex appeal. Buy through Luisa via roma

Kristen Stewart with her Converse hi top sneakers

kristen converse shoes Converse Light Wedge Boot Hi