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Tecnica Moon Boots

Tecnica moon boots white Tecnica Moon BootsTecnica Moon Boots

The original moon boots, Tecnica moon boots are the ultimate in cool snow boots. They have a nylon shell that keeps the elements out, a soft polyester lining makes them super comfortable. They also have a synthetic outsole for traction and stability. Buy through Harrods

Here’s what some of the customers who bought the Tecnica moon boots had to say about them:

“Having just made it through our snowiest winter on record, I think it’s safe to say this was my greatest investment all year. These moon boots envelop your feet so snuggly and the warm foam keeps them toasty dry. The traction is brilliant. Since the footbed is so wide around your foot, it’s easy to balance over snowy terrain. They have the extra added bonus of being completely adorable. Best snow boots ever!”

“LOVE THEM – I have had these boots for years. They are so perfect! I have been wearing them non stop in the past 3 blizzards we have has this winter. My feet never ever get wet or cold. They are a little hard to get used to walking in at first because they are so bulky (but light). And they are super cute with leggings and a big sweatshirt. I wear them all the time and I get so many people asking me about them. I have them in white and they are getting a little dirty (I wipe them down with Lysol wipes). I’m thinking about getting another set. Perfect snow boots!”

“Saw these for my 13 year old daughter whose first reactions was no way. A week later, she realized just how fun and functional they were and then just had to figure out what color. She wore them up in Vermont where it was snowing and 8 degrees and was warm and dry. She loves the attention that the lime green color commands and they have replaced her UGGa on poor weather days.” Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Tecnica moon boots silver Tecnica Moon Boots


Tecnica moon boots blue Tecnica Moon Boots

Tecnica boots black Tecnica Moon Boots

red moon boots Tecnica Moon Boots

purple Tecnica moon boots Tecnica Moon Boots

Tecnica moon boots Tecnica Moon Boots

tartan Tecnica moon boots Tecnica Moon Boots

 Tecnica moon boots purple Tecnica Moon Boots

Tecnica moon boots pink Tecnica Moon Boots

Tecnica moon boots red Tecnica Moon Boots

pink moon boots1 Tecnica Moon Boots

Tecnica moon boots tartan Tecnica Moon Boots

white snow boots Tecnica Moon Boots

Paris Hilton in her Baby Blue Tecnica Moon Boots

Paris looks stunning in these baby blue tecnica moon boots and what looks like an Ed Hardy tracksuit. Great combo!

paris hilton tecnica moon boots Tecnica Moon Boots

Pete Wentz in his Black Tecnica Moon Boots

Pete carries off this look brilliantly and the black moon boots look completely cool with his outfit.

pete wentz moon boots Tecnica Moon Boots

Paris Hilton in her Pink Tecnica Moon Boots

Paris looks like a doll with her adorable pink hat with ears and the baby pink moon boots. Completely adorable!

paris hilton pink tecnica moon boots Tecnica Moon Boots

Tecnica Moon Boots Ad

The black tecnica moon boots in this ad look amazing! Just shows, you can wear these moon boots with anything and they still look great!

tecnica moon boots ad Tecnica Moon Boots

DC Chalet Snow Boots

DC Snowboots DC Chalet Snow BootsLuxury Snow boots $90

OK, since snowing season is upon us, I have decided to feature the coolest, most luxurious snow boots out there on the internet. Look no further if you are buying snow boots, this is your snow boot guide.

DC Chalet Snow Boots

These white DC snow boots are simply STUNNING. By far my absolute favorites. These snow boots look like something out of Brazt! If you want to look like a mega sexy, mega cool skier you have to get these boots! You will stand out as the hottest skier on the snow with these luxury snow boots. I love the way they tie up around the back, and the fur at the top gives them a real playboy bunny feel to them. The sequined DC logo on the side is spectacular. These boots look like they just stepped off a movie set. They are ‘movie star boots’! LOVE THEM!!! Buy through luisa via roma $90

black DC Snowboots DC Chalet Snow Boots

DC Snow boots DC Chalet Snow Boots

DC Snowboots black DC Chalet Snow Boots

white DC Snowboots DC Chalet Snow Boots


Snowjoggers: All you need this winter

Snowjoggers are all the rage this season. Everyone’s got a pair of snowjoggers and if you want to get with it, grab yourself a pair too! They craze started in Hollywood and has now reached the UK. Geri Halliwell, Katie Price, Sienna Miller, Liv Tyler and Victoria Beckham all have a pair! The sporty wet look Snowjoggers come in a range of colors and have a very cool futuristic look (which is ‘in’ this season). I am absolutely in love with these snowjoggers. 

Snow Joggers Sporty Wet Look Charcoal

I Love these grey sporty wet look Snowjoggers. These boots are seriously cool and are the perfect accessory for your snow gear this winter. The grey goes with everything so a definite safe bet.

grey snowjoggers Snowjoggers

Snow Joggers Sporty Wet Look Blue

These blue sport wet look snowjoggers are really cool. They have an 80s feel to them and would look mega cool with a tracksuit. I so want a pair!!!

blue snowjoggers Snowjoggers

Patent Black Snow Joggers

These patent black snowjoggers are nice and safe. The color will go with anything. however, I prefer the more adventurous styles.

black patent snowjoggers Snowjoggers

Snowjoggers Alpine Joggers Black

I love these knitted snow joggers. The reindeer are so cute and remind me of that embarrassing reindeer jumper that ones grandma tends to knit one for Christmas, and then one is forced to wear it (a bit like Darcey in Bridget Jones’s diary) These are cute though. I mean, embarrassing is cute!!

alpine snowjoggers Snowjoggers

Pink Lacoste Shine Bundle Boots

300x250 Pink Lacoste Shine Bundle Boots Pink Lacoste Shine Bundle Bootspink lacoste bundle shine boots Pink Lacoste Shine Bundle Boots

Pink Lacoste Shine Bundle Boots

Like their white version, these pink Lacoste shine bundle boots are one of a kind and are my absolute favorite snow boots for this winter. These boots are supper girly and feminine and the tone of the pink is simply stunning. You are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd on the slopes and win some admiring glances with these HOT hot pink boots!! I love the shine at the bottom of the boot and the Lacoste sign and logo give them that vibe of superior quality. I so want a pair! Get yours through Lacoste

Lacoste Bundle White Shine boots

300x250 Lacoste Bundle White Shine boots Lacoste Bundle White Shine boots

Lacoste boots Lacoste Bundle White Shine boots

Lacoste Bundle Shine boots $96

These Lacoste white snow boots are simply stunning. The perfect must have boot for skiing this winter. The Lacoste Bundle shine boots are Laocoste’s latest ‘it boot’ and have been featured in the latest Lacoste ads all over the world. I love the shiny effect of the patent nylon shaft on the upper part of the ankle boot. The cute Lacoste crocodile gives them that Lacoste feeling of quality and looks really cute. The large white buttons give them a really cool chunky feeling, just what you want when you want to be taken seriously as a skiier. You definately don’t want to appear to dainty, you want something feminine, but also strong, and these snow boots strike the perfect balance. Get yours through Lacoste

Ugg Snow Joggers

Shiny UGG SnowJoggers

Australian Ugg Boots, in cooperation with Rubber Duck Australia proudly present this years fashion hit – “UGG SnowJoggers”. Already celebrities new fashion accessory, designed for snow, rain and yes, jogging! Its graceful design allows you to keep active, warm and fashionable throughout Winter. Worn by Hollywood hot celebs such as Paris Hilton, Hillary Duff, Jessica Alba and more.

Featuring water resistant Shiny PU, upper with suede and rubber trim around the outer sole. Double Velcro closure at the back, with a tab at the side. A running shoe style striped rubber outer sole. Shearling lining and action leather.

Buy the Ugg Shiny SnowJoggers for £50 (knocked down from £99.50) . €56 . $89

gold ugg snowjoggers Ugg Snow Joggers

silver ugg snowjoggers Ugg Snow Joggers

celebrity ugg showjoggers Ugg Snow Joggers

UGG Snowjoggers

Ugg is one of my favourite brands. Ugg products are innovative, trendy, practical, great quality and highly fashionable. I own a number of ugg boots, sandals, tops, a beach bag and a winter sheepsking Ugg bag as well as a cell phone holder. My next purchase will be the ugg sheepskin jacket to prepare for this upcoming freezing winter! I am also definately going to get an Ugg hat, which is imperitive for the London freezing weather!

Ugg Snowjogger Boots

Uggs are the world’s most comfortable boots. The thick merino sheepskin used in ugg boots insulates you from the weather. It cools your toes in summer and warms you up winter to produce a supremely comfortable 22 degree constant temperature.

Ugg boots have a natural insulator. This constantly circulates the inside air preventing heat exchange. This keeps you comfortable regardless of the temperature.

Uggs books have extra thick sheepskin which provides greater insulation, comfort and strength. Not only are these boots practical, comfortable and functional, they are a must have fashion item and look great!