Crocs Cayman Unisex

Crocs Cayman Unisex Crocs Cayman UnisexCrocs Unisex Cayman

When Crocs first came out, I can’t say that I was at the front of the que waiting to buy a pair. I wasn’t a fan to say the least. Everywhere I looked I saw Crocs (the Cayman style to be more specific, which is the style that put Crocs on the map) and I couldn’t understand what people saw in these clearly ugly hideous shoes! I assumed they were just a fad, and moved on with my life. However, as the years have gone by, I notice, not just the general population wearing the Crocs Cayman shoes, but people that I actually knew were wearing them! My father for one, has a pair in orange! I could not believe my eyes when I first saw him wearing them. But, they actually looked really cool! He informed me that they were the most comfortable shoes he had ever worn, and said that he practically lives in them when he’s not working. Then my Mother converted! She has a pair in white and also lives in hers! So what can I say, I may even buy a pair for myself… what’s so great about the Croc Cayman shoes is that they are unisex, so you can even share them with your other half, if you have the same shoe size! They also come in a huge range of colors, so you can have a pair to go with every outfit (hey, they’re cheap enough!) But their real selling point is that they are comfortable and great for your feet! Buy through Zappos $29.95 and see what others who bought the Croc Caymans had to say about them. Plus, Zappos offer superior service, and free shipping and free 365 day returns.