Gienchi Studded Sneakers

Studded Sneakers Gienchi Studded SneakersGienchi Studded Sneakers

YES! Finnally a pair of BEAUTIFUL, studded AFFORDABLE sneakers! YAY!! These absolutely GORGEOUS Gienchi Studded Sneakers are in the style of converses, except they feature beautiful gold studs, making them look incredibly expensive and hip. The amazing thing is that they actually are not expensive at all. I mean, £194 for a pair of shoes nowadays really is nothing. When normal Uggs are going for £200 and the latest Jimmy Choo Uggs (which like these, feature studs) are frankly outrageous at £600. You can get the same beautiful studs on converses, which are incredibly in, at a fraction of the price. I LOVE these Gienchi Studded Sneakers and am very tempted to buy them. Available in black with gold studs and white with silver studs you really cannot go wrong. You can wear these Gienchi Studded Sneakers with anything, from jeans, so short to skirts. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Gienchi Studded shoes Gienchi Studded Sneakers

Gienchi Studded Sneakers Gienchi Studded Sneakers