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Category: Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang Suvi Booties

Alexabnder Wang Suvi Booties Alexander Wang Suvi BootiesAlexander Wang Suvi Booties $645

These Alexander Wang Suvi Booties are part of Wang’s 2011 shoe collection. I love the olive green tumbled leather, and the high heel nature of the boots. In a way, the Alexander Wang Suvi Booties are a cross between sandals and boots, what with the open front foot nature (resembling sandals) and the closed ankle part (resembling boots). The front part of the Alexander Wang Suvi Booties has a gorgeous rope like strap, which is incredibly unique. The Suvi Booties by Wang feature two buckles: one at the top and one at the bottom. I also like the way the heel on the Alexander Wang Suvi boots has an olive color to it and the base is a very high quality wood. Buy through Luisa via roma $645

Alexander Wang High Knotted Sandals

Alexander Wang High Knotted Sandals Alexander Wang High Knotted SandalsHigh Knotted Sandals by Alexander Wang £572

OMG!!!! The Alexander Wang High Knotted Sandals have just made their debut, and they are hot!!! I really cannot get over the sheer beauty, coolness and hotness of these super sexy Alexander Wang High Knotted Sandals. Made with soft luxurious leather, the white leather knotted high heeled sandals consist of a series of leather knots across the front of the shoe. The back of the Alexander Wang High Knotted Sandals have a zip and the base of these High Knotted Sandals by Wang is made of wood. The 120mm heel is pretty high, but hey, your legs will look hot! Alexander Wang is only like 26, but he is an absolute genius, and is definitely my favourite designer. Wang’s designs are so simple, yet made with incredibly unusual materials and the juxtaposition of these is just out of this world. Buy through Luisa Via Roma £572

Alexander Wang Nubuck Laced Low Boots

Alexander Wang Nubuck Laced boots Alexander Wang Nubuck Laced Low BootsAlexander Wang Cream Nubuck Boots £572

The Alexander Wang Nubuck Laced Low Boots are very much Alexander Wang. The Nubuck books are simple, classy, of exceptional quality and very current. The Alexander Wang Nubuck Boots are lace ups and have an open lower back. Because the Nubuck Laced Boots by Alexander Wang are proper boots, I would advise that you wear them in the winter. The only quandary here is that these Wang nubuck boots have an opening which would potentially make your feet quite cold. So you may have to wear socks. However, if you are wearing these cream lace up Alexander Wang Nubuck boots as cool evening shoes, it probably wont be necessary. Buy through Luisa Via Roma £572